today i am exactly five weeks and four days pregnant, which puts me in the middle of my sixth week of pregnancy.  by thursday i will be halfway through my first trimester, or 16.667% through my entire pregnancy, or 100% pointlessly obsessed with counting progress like i'm tracking an elusive video game achievement.

nausea has yet to rear its ugly, quivery head but i've been reassured many times that a lack of morning sickness doesn't necessarily correlate with anything going awry- should just accept this at face value as a cool bonus award.  

i think by this point everyone who knew that we started trying to conceive has been clued in on the pregnancy- this creates a weird smattering of knowledge that ranges from close & personal (my mother, my best friends) to distant and perfunctory (my lash technician, my waxer, the IT guy at work- why?) but misses all the friends and acquaintances that fall in between.  this is entirely my own terrible shotgun strategy- ian doesn't talk to anyone or even know a person so he's been happily secretive by default.  

i'm still not sure how i feel about pregnancy announcements on social media.  i think maybe i will just have the baby and wait for it to reach an age where it will no longer look like an elderly man who has been accidentally laundered and then left in the washing machine.