ian and i got married on wednesday, february 17th, 2016.

i haven't really digested this new milestone fully, because it seems so weird to consider the fact that i am now a wife, on top of a soon-to-be mother.  these are nouns i assume don't apply to idiots who spend their wedding nights trying and failing to install grand theft auto 5 on an ailing ps4.  

like, i am still muddling through life like a dog wearing a lab coat and tie.  but now i have someone who loves me madly despite my incompetence and self-doubt, who promised to be mine forever- for as long as both shall live.   those are the words we recited to one another in judge seider's courtroom, but i tell him time and time again that i will find him in my next life, and the one after, and all the lives beyond that.  after all, death is only a door and i have not waited 28 years to find him only to resign this love to one lifespan.  

"sixty years together would never be enough," i said last night. 

"i'm gonna live to be a hundred!" he told me confidently.