my love and i returned from our cancun baecation today.  what i had originally planned to be the last landmark of drinking excessively and partying irresponsibly actually ended up being a 4-day adventure in trying but failing to maintain even a conversative buzz for longer than 5 minutes- diluted drinks and six meals a day both possible culprits in the sustained sobriety of our vacation.  but on the plus side we lounged around a lot and watched the garfield movie (a cinematic masterpiece).

in the lobby of the royalton riviera resort, a woman following her toddler up and down the escalators advised us to remain childless.  a terse but friendly "don't" delivered with a resigned laugh, like this life is terrible get out while you still can lol that seems to be standard issue from young parents i've known.

irrespective of cautions from strangers, i have started charting my basal body temperature and ovulation testing.  maybe i will name my baby garfield.